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    Model   Product Name-   Manufacturer   Buy Now   Price 
 Zero Ackerman Front Spindle Set, Aluminum: MRC Pro   LOSB1432 
 Zero Ackerman Front Spindle Set, Aluminum: MRC Pro   Team Losi  Buy Now   $18.99 
 Z892 Washer 10x12x0.2mm (10)   HPIZ892 
 Z892 Washer 10x12x0.2mm (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $4.00 
 Z877 Washer 8x10x0.2mm (10)   HPIZ877 
 Z877 Washer 8x10x0.2mm (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $4.39 
 Z747 Set Screw M6x45mm Baja (4)   HPIZ747 
 Z747 Set Screw M6x45mm Baja (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.89 
 Z741 Set Screw M5x5mm (4)   HPIZ741 
 Z741 Set Screw M5x5mm (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z725 Set Screw M4x10mm (6)   HPIZ7252685 
 Z725 Set Screw M4x10mm (6)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.39 
 Z721 Set Screw M4x4mm Proceed (4)   HPIZ721 
 Z721 Set Screw M4x4mm Proceed (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z694 Washer Silver M5x10x.5 (10)   HPIZ694 
 Z694 Washer Silver M5x10x.5 (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z684 Flange Locknut M4 (4)   HPIZ684 
 Z684 Flange Locknut M4 (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $3.69 
 Z680 Flanged Locknut M5X8mm Black SVG X (4)   HPIZ680 
 Z680 Flanged Locknut M5X8mm Black SVG X (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $5.19 
 Z679 Wheel Nut M4 Purple (5)   HPIZ679 
 Z679 Wheel Nut M4 Purple (5)   HPI  Buy Now   $5.99 
 Z669 Locknut M6 Thin Type (5)   HPIZ669 
 Z669 Locknut M6 Thin Type (5)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.89 
 Z663 Locknut M3 E-Savage (6)   HPIZ663 
 Z663 Locknut M3 E-Savage (6)   HPI  Buy Now   $3.69 
 Z613 Binder Head Screw M4x10mm Savage 21 (6)   HPIZ613 
 Z613 Binder Head Screw M4x10mm Savage 21 (6)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z593 Screw Shaft 3x27mm (4)   HPIZ593 
 Z593 Screw Shaft 3x27mm (4)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.39 
 Z578 Flat Head Screw 3x12 RS4 Pro (10)   HPIZ578 
 Z578 Flat Head Screw 3x12 RS4 Pro (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z568 Head Screw 3x12mm RS4 Pro E-Savage (10)   HPIZ568 
 Z568 Head Screw 3x12mm RS4 Pro E-Savage (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.00 
 Z567 TP Binder Head Screw M3x10 E-Savage (10)   HPIZ567 
 Z567 TP Binder Head Screw M3x10 E-Savage (10)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z544 Cap Head Screw M3x12mm (6)   HPIZ544 
 Z544 Cap Head Screw M3x12mm (6)   HPI  Buy Now   $2.79 
 Z542 Cap Head Screw M3x8mm 4.6 HO Engine (12)   HPIZ542 
 Z542 Cap Head Screw M3x8mm 4.6 HO Engine (12)   HPI  Buy Now   $3.69 
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01.King Pins:RU,ST
02.Nuts, 4mm (8) Nylon Locking:VXL
03.Washers 5x8mm:N,S,SS,TMX.15, 2.5,SLY
04.E Clips,C Rings:Universal
05.Screws,3 x 15mm,Buttonhead (6):SLY
06.Locking Nuts,3mm:TRX1.SLY
07.Shoulder Screws:Ultra Shocks (6)
08.Nuts, 4mm (4) Blue Alum:VXL
09.3642 Shoulder Screws 3x12x5mm (6)
10.Grub Screws,3mm:SLY
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1503 Lexan Sheet 8x12  .030
1503 Lexan Sheet 8x12 .030
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RPM Slingshot Front Chrome Rustler/Stampede (2)
These also work on the HPI MT2 truck! Nice beefy wheels! ..
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